Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Paper Mill Saves Big from RENCOR'S Engineering Skills

It was once said that "a paper mill uses everything it produces except the shade the building casts". In this highly competitive business, efficiency and cost-savings go directly to the bottom line.

A well-known New England paper mill had a critical process that required two very large (24") triple offset, metal seated butterfly valves to precisely control flow manually with a gear operator. On top of that, the valves had to be zero-leakage when in the off position. Even with the best known gear operators installed, it was still difficult for the paper mill to get the control they needed.


Sales Engineer Dan O'Leary took a hard look at the application, using the years of experience in applying industrial valves. His answer was to design a manual operator with custom designed, special gears that gave the valve practically "infinite" positioning of the valves. He also engineered special operator stops to allow the person on the floor to set the correct position repeatedly. 

The customer can now know the exact valve position at all times, and the plant amazingly cut their cost in half by finding that they only needed one 24" Velan Torqseal triple offset, metal seated butterfly valve to do the job. For more information check out these pictures of the paper mills valves.

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