Thursday, September 12, 2013

RENCOR Uses Innovation and Eye for Design to Reduces Plant Spare Parts Costs

standardized valve brackets
An age old problem at many plants are the countless types of valve and actuator brackets. Many are unique, few are standard. The need for on-hand replacements constantly puts pressure on plant inventories.

RENCOR Controls, working in tandem with one of today’s leading valves manufactures, Velan Valve developed ball valve automation packages that take the pain out of stocking dozens of parts.

RENCOR designers innovated a design that allows a single bracket to mount any Namur positioner or limit switch. By using two of these brackets, RENCOR can mount any Namur actuator on any Velan ISO unibody valve. Now plants need to only stock a single bracket where before they had to stock many.

Gone are the days when you need a mountain of different brackets to automate your valves and the confusion of what bracket fits what actuator and valve.

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