Thursday, September 19, 2013

Solving a Problem on High Temperature Gas Service

Gas applications many times are thought to be pretty easy applications as long as you get the seat material and wetted part compatibility correct. However, in some cases, these gases can be delivered at very high temperatures, which causes headaches when applying the proper valve.

RENCOR was approached by a customer in China who needed a high cycle, high temperature, fast operating valve. The process gas was 700 deg. F and the process pressure was 272 PSIG.  The customer also required the valve to operate in 0.5 seconds. The biggest challenge was not the temperature itself, but the lack of lubricity. The high temperature gas was very, very dry. All the metal seated ball valves they were testing ended up either galling, or were operating too slowly.

RENCOR teamed up with Velan Valve who engineered a metal seated ball valve rated for 700 deg. F at 272 PSIG. RENCOR designed a custom actuation package that delivered a high volume of high pressure supply air to a rack and pinion actuator that sped operation up to a very fast 30 milliseconds. Problem solved.

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