Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Refurbish Your Coker Valves: An Economical Alternative

Coker Valve Restoration
10" Coker Valve before restoration
According to Wikipedia "A coker or coker unit is an oil refinery processing unit that converts the residual oil from the vacuum distillation column or the atmospheric distillation column into low molecular weight hydrocarbon gases, naphtha, light and heavy gas oils, and petroleum coke. The process thermally cracks the long chain hydrocarbon molecules in the residual oil feed into shorter chain molecules leaving behind the excess carbon in the form of petroleum coke."

"A delayed coker is a type of coker whose process consists of heating a residual oil feed to its thermal cracking temperature in a furnace with multiple parallel passes. This cracks the heavy, long chain hydrocarbon molecules of the residual oil into coker gas oil and petroleum coke. Delayed coking is one of the unit processes used in many oil refineries."

Velan Valve is a world leader in providing valves for coker applications.  They have over 2,000 valves currently installed in delayed cokers worldwide and have valves have been in service 1983.

Coker Valve After
10" Coker Valve after restoration
When these valves start to wear, RENCOR Controls provides refurbishing and reconditioning services to bring an old valve back to life. Upon receipt of a worn coker valve, RENCOR technicians begin a meticulous refurbishment process. An incoming inspection documents the present condition of the valve.  The valve is then carefully disassembled, documented, and cleaned. The valve body exterior is grit-blasted, then coated.  All worn and serviceable parts are replaced. The valve is then reassembled and tested to assure factory performance. The result is a "like-new" valve at approximately 50% the cost of a new valve.

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