Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Need a Valve for Abrasive or Corrosive Slurries?

Need a knife gate valve thats great for corrosive, abrasive or slurry service? Check out a urethane lined knife gate.

Urethane Lined Knife Gate Valves are designed for on-off and throttling applications of abrasive slurry and dry abrasive materials. These valves are ideally suited for applications in mining, chemical and food industries. They are bi-directional and have tight shut-off and can be used for on/off service or for control.

Urethane Lined Knife Gate Valves are available in sizes 2-48" (50-1200mm) with temperature ratings from -40 to 180°F (-40 to 82°C) as standard, with a variety of urethane compounds available on application.

A one-piece, cast-in-place liner that provides bi-directional, drip-tight shutoff to either 150 or 250 psi (1030 or 1720 kPa) CWP are available. All wetted surfaces of the ductile iron body are lined with urethane. These valves are good for dead-end service.

Urethane Knife Gate Valves can be operated manually, pneumatically or electrically. A wide variety of linear pneumatic and electric actuators are available for a multitude of service conditions. Options such as limit switches, positioners, and failsafe operators are also available.

Primary Markets:
Mining, Chemical and Food industries

Sizes available:
2-48" (50-1200mm)

Temperature rating:
-40°F to 180°F (83°C) with additional seat materials available on application

Pressure rating:
150 or 250 psi (1030 or 1720 kPa) CWP

Body Material:
Cast ductile iron with gates of 304, 316, 317, 254 stainless steel or Hastelloy C


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