Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What is a Declutchable Manual Override Gear Operator?

Declutchable Manual Gear Operator
Typical Declutchable
Manual Gear Operator
Declutchable manual gear overrides enable users to manually position their valves to a desired position safely and easily. Gear overrides typically enable 90 degree rotation in either direction and are designed to manually override double acting or spring return actuators.

Designs vary, but most include a self-locking, declutchable worm gear which is designed to provide a secure engagement keeping the valve firmly in position. Declutchable manual gear overrides are usually designed to be “sandwiched” between a pneumatic actuator and quarter-turn valve, allowing the operator to manually operate a pneumatic actuator in case of emergency power or air loss.

Construction normally protects the gears in a completely enclosed, weatherproof and permanently lubricated enclosure. The operation is done via some type of hand wheel. A wide variety of torque outputs are available.

When selecting a declutchable manual gear override consideration must be given to valve torque requirements, weight, size, mounting, operating environment, and criticality of application. An experienced valve application engineer should be consulted prior to selection.


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