Monday, April 14, 2014

An Excellent Control Valve Choice for Any Demanding Application

Samson Control ValveIn a time of rising costs and ever changing technological advances, coupled with increasing regulations and restrictive laws, some valve manufacturers continue to innovate and maintain flawless quality and performance. One such manufacturer is SAMSON Controls.

The SAMSON control valve continues to offer dependability under extreme conditions and the toughest applications.

SAMSON’s modular design provides the user the flexibility of selecting valve components to meet specific applications. Modularity allows each SAMSON valve to be individually applied for optimum performance in any application, included the most demanding or most adverse conditions. Modularity allows the user to save money by minimizing inventory and saves time of installation and maintenance. This all adds up to lower overall cost of ownership.

Samson’s line of control valves is broad and suited for tough and demanding applications such as corrosive media, erosive media, applications with high pressure differentials and extreme process temperatures. Samson valves provide long service life, excellent control and tight sealing. They are often the choice for extreme vacuum applications or where environmentally damaging emissions are possible.

Materials, dimensions and flange configurations are available for industrial standards such as ANSI, DIN, JIS, and ensures that SAMSON products can be used anywhere in the world.

SAMSON’s control valves can be equipped with a wide variety of electric, electro-hydraulic or pneumatic actuators.

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