Monday, August 4, 2014

Another Short Demo Video of Hydraulic Manual Override for 1/4 Turn Valves

rotex actuator
ROTEX Scotch Yoke Actuator
Another demo of the ROTEX hydraulic manual override. This video demo's the hand pumping of the hydraulic pump which produces air pressure to change the position of a ROTEX DRS.

Hydraulic manual override's give operators the ability to manually reverse the spring position of a large actuator by manually pumping air into the spring cylinder. The hydraulic pump can produce up to 2000 PSI air which is used to compress the spring and reverse actuator position.

A directional hand valve is used to direct flow of the air to the spring cylinder or to vent and the air to and from the actuator, letting the spring decompress. A stainless steel hydraulic oil reservoir and tubing are used for safety and longevity.

Link to ROTEX Hydraulic Manual Override Video.

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