Sunday, December 1, 2013

Control Valve Series Provide Food and Pharmaceutical Companies Better Quality and Safety

Samson Controls is offering its 3249 valves that eliminate nooks and crannies in the valve body and seat area to decrease the potential for contaminants and bacterial growth.

The valve comes with EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber) and a back-up safety packing box that ensures full protection from bacteria spreading and prevents leakage.

The Samson 3249 seating and packing box design assure long service life and a reliable seal and back-up.

The Samson 3347 control valve has polished steel body parts to provide the highest purity for the process medium with a special PTFE bushing, and an additional steam line connection designed to prevent bacteria from infiltrating the actuator stem guide.

The Samson’s 3345 is an good choice in the presence of thick, viscous process media. where the cavity free valve body design and diaphragm (available in either rubber, nitrile, butyl or PTFE) acts as a seal and as a plug.

All of these Samson control valves can be provided with a wide assortment of hygienic end connections, or with welded end connections.

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