Monday, October 6, 2014

How to Install a Samson 3277 Actuator on a Samson 3241 Globe Control Valve

This is a complete "how-to" for installing the Samson 3277 actuator on top of a Samson 3241 globe control valve.

The Samson types 3271 and 3277 pneumatic actuators contain a rolling diaphragm and internal springs.

Special features

• Low overall height
• Powerful thrust at high response speed
• Low friction
• Various bench ranges by varying the number of springs or their compression
• No special tools required to change the bench range and to reverse the actuator action (also version with hand-wheel)
• Permissible operating temperatures from –50 to +120 °C
• Direct attachment of accessories on additional yoke for
• Type 3277 with concealed travel pick-off

Samson 3241 Globe Control Valve

The control valves consist of a body with trim, bonnet and pneumatic actuator, optionally with metal bellows or insulating extension. The valves may be also equipped with electric, electro-hydraulic, or hand-operated actuators, as well as control accessories and other instrumentation.

The Samson 3730-3 Valve Positioner: Description, Resetting to Factory Default and Performing Auto-Calibration

Samson 3730
Samson 3730
The Samson Type 3730-3 is an electro-pneumatic valve positioner with HART® communication for use with linear and quarter-turn industrial valves.

The positioner ensures a predetermined assignment of the valve position to the input signal. It compares the input signal received from a control system to the travel or rotational angle of the control valve and issues a corresponding output signal pressure.

Special Features
  • Simple attachment to all common linear and rotary actuators with interface for SAMSON direct attachment, NAMUR rib, valves with rod-type yokes according to IEC 60534-6-1 or to rotary actuators according to VDI/ VDE 3845. 
  • Any desired mounting position of the positioner. 
  • Simple single-knob, menu-driven operation 
  • LCD easy to read in any mounted position due to selectable reading direction. 
  • Configurable with a PC over the SSP interface using the TROVIS-VIEW software. 
  • Variable, automatic start-up with four different initialization modes. 
  • Preset parameters – only values deviating from the standard need to be adjusted. 
  • Calibrated travel sensor without gears susceptible to wear. 
  • Sub initialization mode (substitution) allows the positioner to be started up in case of emergency whilst the plant is running without the valve moving through the whole travel range. 
  • Permanent storage of all parameters in EEPROM (protect- ed against power failure). 
  • Two-wire system with small electrical load between 300 and 350 Ω depending on version.
  • Adjustable output pressure limitation. 
  • Tight-closing function. 
  • Continuous monitoring of zero point .
  • Integrated temperature sensor and operating hours counter. 
  • Two standard programmable position alarms. 
  • Self-diagnostics; alarms as condensed state conforming to NAMUR Recommendation NE 107, issued over a fault alarm contact or optional analog position transmitter .
  • Integrated EXPERTplus diagnostics (u T 8389 EN) suitable for throttling and on/off valves and with additional partial stroke test for valves in safety-instrumented systems. 
Here is a video that explains how to reset the Samson 3730-3 back to factory default settings and then perform and auto-calibration.