Monday, October 6, 2014

How to Install a Samson 3277 Actuator on a Samson 3241 Globe Control Valve

This is a complete "how-to" for installing the Samson 3277 actuator on top of a Samson 3241 globe control valve.

The Samson types 3271 and 3277 pneumatic actuators contain a rolling diaphragm and internal springs.

Special features

• Low overall height
• Powerful thrust at high response speed
• Low friction
• Various bench ranges by varying the number of springs or their compression
• No special tools required to change the bench range and to reverse the actuator action (also version with hand-wheel)
• Permissible operating temperatures from –50 to +120 °C
• Direct attachment of accessories on additional yoke for
• Type 3277 with concealed travel pick-off

Samson 3241 Globe Control Valve

The control valves consist of a body with trim, bonnet and pneumatic actuator, optionally with metal bellows or insulating extension. The valves may be also equipped with electric, electro-hydraulic, or hand-operated actuators, as well as control accessories and other instrumentation.


Control valve for process engineering and plants with industrial requirements.
Nominal valve sizes 1⁄2” to 10” (15 to 250 mm) Pressure ratings ANSI Class 125 to 300
Temperatures −320 °F to +800 °F (−196 °C to +427 °C)


• Modular design, rugged and heavy duty construction, full range of body and trim materials
• One-piece ultra-rigid valve bonnet and yoke up to size 6”
• Field retrofittable extension bonnets and metal bellows seals
• Many configurations, e.g. Cryogenic or ‘Lethal service’
• Self-adjusting, live-loaded PTFE V-ring stuffing box
• Port-guided V-port asymmetric plugs above CV 20 standard
• Excellent dynamic response and high trim stability
• Self-locking seats, exchangeable for various CV values
• Low height, reversible, multi-spring/rolling diaphragm actuator
• NAMUR (IEC 534-6) accessory mounting standard
• Complete selection of actuators options, positioners and control accessories

Installing a SAMSON 3277 Actuator to a 2" Samson 3241 Globe Control Valve

In this video, we'll describe how to install a SAMSON 3277 actuator to a 2" 3241 globe valve. The actuator in this example fails closed and is a size 350cm with a 3-15psi spring range.

Step by Step Instructions:

1. Begin by carefully placing the actuator onto the valve bonnet to avoid thread damage.

2. For this example we're using a 3-15 psi actuator, apply approximately 20psi to retract the stem. This allows us to install the ring nut without causing any damage to the plug and seat sealing surfaces. Thread on the ring nut and lock into position.

3. To set the bench range, apply a pressure equal to the lower bench range; 3 psi in our case.

4. Push down on the plug to make sure it’s firmly pressed into the seat. Raise the stem connector nut until it makes contact with the actuator stem and add an additional ¼ turn. Then, raise the lock nut and secure into position with two wrenches.

5. The stem connector clamp is now installed to mechanically link the actuator stem to the plug.

6. If necessary, adjust the travel indicator to the correct position.

7. Actuator installation is now complete.


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